Having the fingers in every pie: Why an explainer video with hands is much better than one without

Let’s do something crazy… like put a summary at the beginning of this article. The summary will be about the characteristics of a typical simpleshow explainer video. Let’s go: 


– super easy explanation of a complex topic 
– voice of a speaker 
– scribbled illustrations 
– maximum length of 3 minutes 
– end result: you’re much smarter than you were before 😉 


Anything missing? (Jeopardy melody while thinking) Aaaah sure! The hands!

A simpleshow video with hands and your message gets heard

Although this little detail was almost forgotten, the appearing hands are more than just assistants. There are a few relevant reasons why a video with hands might be more successful than one without.

It’s time to honor the hands in explainer videos. Here’s why:


The hand leads the eye

You as the viewer are able to concentrate on the explanation instead of worrying about “where do I have to look next?“ The hand will undertake this task for you. For instance, if a hand moves upwards on the screen, it’ll let you know: “Attention! Something is coming down from the top of the screen.“


No shocks because of sudden appearances

It’s always a bit creepy (and overwhelming) if something pops up out of nowhere. So thumbs up to the video with hands, which forewarns you whenever another character, building, tree, goldfish, or any other illustration will enter the scene.

In a video with hands you will not be surprised by the sudden appearance of images

The mood lies in the hand

Is the hand moving in a hectic manner? Is it jumpy, relaxed, or slow? The movements will transport emotions, put emphasis on certain facts as well as add relevance to them.


It adds the human touch

You hear the human speaker’s voice. Nice! You see a hand that’s a human one. Nicer! But nicest? You have enough evidence that a real person is explaining the topic at hand 😉  Doesn’t that make the explainer video with hands more trustworthy?

A hand pointing at the other in a video with hands


Although it is not your own hand that is shown, it’s handmade by you with mysimpleshow. And why shouldn’t that be reflected through the hands in your very own explainer video?


Not a real fact

One last point: Without the hands there wouldn’t be that swish sound. And considering we like that sound effect, we don’t want to miss it. So, it’s better make a video with hands (so the swish sound is guaranteed)… we promise it comes in handy!


A video with hands will delight your audience

Must-have this season: An explainer video on your landing page

Although “must-have“ sounds a bit as if an explainer video is a regulation, we don’t want to force you to embed a video on your landing page. But because we have your best interest at heart, we’ll provide you with some advice for morphing your website into a fertile channel. 

And of course we aren’t only saying “do it“… we also give you some really good reasons to.


1. Videos increase conversions

A video on your landing page will increase conversions

All successful companies have one thing  in common…they make money! A video on your landing page can help you to boost sales: As studies revealed, videos on a landing page can increase conversions up to 80% or even double the number of sales, which are achieved through your landing page.


2. Videos provide much more information than text

A video on your landing page will provide so much more information

A picture is worth a thousand words… imagine what a video is worth! Visitors are either busy or lazy or short on time (usually a combination of all three), and therefore would rather watch a video instead of reading text. That’s because information transported through images is absorbed 60,000 times faster than it is through text. WIN!


3. Video combines the most relevant facts with a cool story

A video on your landing page should combine facts and a cool story

If your product or service is more complex to explain, do your visitors a favor and try to keep it as simple and entertaining as possible. So evaluate your most important points, discard everything else, and think of a cool story to transport your message.


4. Google loves videos

google loves videos on your landing page

Your chance to reach a top position on Google’s rank page will be much higher if there’s a video on your website. To be precise: 53 times higher. In all seriousness, what successful business doesn’t want to be on the first page of Google results?


5. Video captures your audience

video on your landing page captures your audience

That also has something to do with the fact that an explainer video on your landing page will make your visitors spend more time on your website. So Google will assume that your content must be really cool, and reward you with a better position. Talk about opportunity!


Okay, we guess we might have convinced you to put an explainer video on your landing page. Did we? So we up the ante: Come on, come all… come this way and check out our summary of the most important rules of HOW to use video to enhance your landing page performance

Why a simpleshow explainer video is so efficient

When asking ourselves how to fix a bike, make sushi, or get the perfect smoky eyes, most of us would rather watch a tutorial video on YouTube, than read long instructions.


What about you? If it was your decision whether to read pages and pages of text or to watch a 3 minute explainer video, which would you prefer?


why a simpleshow explainer video is so efficient


You see, videos are the most popular format when it comes to seeking information.


But that doesn’t mean all videos are good explainer videos. Do you know the situation when you have to wind back over and over again because you really don’t get it? Or you’re woken up by your own snoring because the plot doesn’t really lead to the point?


Yes, there are some things one should keep in mind when creating videos that need to explain complex subjects effectively. A simpleshow explainer video follows 5 main rules, and I want to share them with you. Here we go:


1. Simplicity vs. Complexity

labyrinth - simpleshow explainer video keeps it simple

It’s a tough challenge to keep it simple and short, to decide which information is relevant and which can be left out. Nevertheless, the simplification of a message is the most important part when creating an efficient explainer video.


2. The Maximum of 3 Minutes

a simpleshow explainer video is 3 minutes long at max

Imagine: The average retention period on web pages was twelve seconds in 2002. In 2012 it was just eight seconds. So today it might be even less. Due to digitization and the amount of information channels we are exposed to, our attention spans have decreased. That’s why a simpleshow explainer video has a maximum of three minutes, to make sure it fits the “time budget” of consumers.


3. Change of Perspective

a simpleshow explainer video takes your audience's perspective

Empathize with the target group: What’s their situation? What problem do they have? That’s when the protagonist of the explainer video steps into the spotlight. He or she represents your target group / your audience and creates identification, sympathy, and trust, which will make your message get heard!


4. The Power of Images

a simpleshow explainer video uses the power of images

90% of the information we absorb is visual. That’s why our brain converts symbols and images into information 60,000 times faster than it does with bare text. So use this power by creating a video with strong images and meaningful symbols.


5. Facts bore, Stories sell

a simpleshow explainer video always uses storytelling

This might sound familiar to you as “storytelling” became THE buzzword in today’s communication world. But quite rightly. While pure facts are hard to remember, a story always creates images, and therefore emotions, that will stick in your head as a lasting memory. And what could be more efficient than that?


Now that you know the rules, you’re perfectly prepared to create your own simpleshow explainer video, right? mysimpleshow will make it easy for you to create your own explainer video in just a few minutes. So ready, steady, explain!


How to write a great explainer video script

The fairy tale of facts and stories 

Once upon a time there was a Fact. This Fact was really important and could have been helpful to a lot of people. The problem was, no one was interested in it; no one listened to it and so the sad little Fact couldn’t deliver his message. 

During this time, a pretty and shiny Story thought about her life. Sure, she was entertaining and people cheered when she appeared, but afterwards they quickly forgot about her and what she was all about.

A fairy watched all this misery: the stumbling of the sad little Fact and the feeling of meaninglessness of the beautiful, but poor, Story. So the fairy decided to bring them together.

The Fact shall give the Story substance – something that people can learn and think about. And the Story shall give the Fact a meaning – emotions that stick not only in people’s minds but in their hearts. This way, it shall be remembered. Fact and Story were so happy together that, from this day on, you just couldn’t tear them apart.

Learn how to work with Fact, Story, and Structure to write a great explainer video script

How this can help your message

This little “fairy tale” tells the story of two things that are a key element for a great explainer video script: facts and story. Only the combination of both can make the intended message stick inside the heads of the audience, even long after your video was watched.

To tell a story the audience is interested in, you need to know your target group. What do they like, what are they afraid of and most of all what are their challenges? Is your message able to solve a problem your target group has? Great! Tell the story of how it does and make the audience become the protagonist.


Quick example

You want to communicate a change program in your company, find out how your employees can benefit from it and put the focus of your video on these benefits. Furthermore, you want to make your employees the protagonists.

So your employee Paul recently heard about the new change program. What does it mean for him and his work and does anything change? Yes, things change, but for the better! Sure he has to commit to it, but this will bring a lot of advantages in the future. Paul is relieved and now that he knows what’s waiting for him, he’s even looking forward to it!

How the change program works are your facts. How your employee Paul feels about it and his worries are your story. If both things go together in your explainer video script your audience becomes emotionally invested because you speak directly to their inner thoughts.

(As a side note: Check out our beginner’s guide to emotional writing to learn more about creating emotions with words.)

A great explainer video script will combine facts and story like for example in this change process

You’ve got the base… now you need a structure

A good explainer video script works like a stage play – in a three-act structure. The first act is the exposition. Here you establish your characters and their current situation. By the end of this exposition a change comes into play. Your characters face a problem, hear of something new, experience a change or get to know a new product.

How to overcome or benefit from this “turning point” is your second act. The second part is at the same time the main part of your story. Explain how your protagonists benefit from your solution, how it will change their lives and what they can expect from it. This main part is the chance to describe your message or your product in the shiniest way for your audience.

After that comes the resolution. This is your third and last act. Your protagonists understood what happened to them, now have another point of view, or saw the benefits of your product and are happy. This is the good old “and they lived happily ever after” ending.

Exposition, main part, resolution - elements of a great explainer video script

To write a great explainer video script one need to follow some rules. What sounds easy can be a challenge but we are here to help. For the most common topics, mysimpleshow has already created a storyline guide for you. Just check it out!

As of now creating simpleshow explainer videos is easy as pie

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That gives you an idea of what an explainer video must be worth. Sometimes, a short and simple explanation is just what someone needs to help clearly understand how your product solves a problem, how a process works, or what an idea is all about.


At simpleshow we have created 3-minute explainer videos in our signature paper cut-out style for years. Trusting the effectiveness of simplicity, we have established the simpleshow methodology that – scientifically proven – transfers information in a way that is likable and easy-to-understand. With the power of storytelling and simple illustrations that stay in mind, even the most complex topics are easily explained with a simpleshow explainer video. (Find out more about why a simpleshow explainer video is so efficient.)


the experts at simpleshow have developed mysimpleshow to create your own explainer video


Until now, however, we were only able to produce a limited number of videos, mostly for big companies, handcrafted by our explainer team that consists of more than 150 people around the world. We have done that for 8 years and so far have produced thousands of explainer videos in more than 50 languages.


We have seen many times that a great explainer video has a real impact. So we thought about how we can make the simpleshow format available to many more people. And that’s how we created mysimpleshow: it contains all our know-how and makes it easy to create great explainer videos that get the message across to your audience.


mysimpleshow makes it easy for you to create your own explainer video


As a first step, let’s tackle your story. After choosing the right storyline, it’ll be a cinch for you to structure your thoughts. Guidance and examples will help you write an interesting plot. And within minutes you’ll find yourself creating an entertaining story. Well, text is the easy part, you may think. Most people will probably agree, as the majority of people find it hard to think in pictures. Lucky you, you don’t have to be a creative superhero to create the most amazing videos. That’s because mysimpleshow is home of the Explainer Engine. It transforms your text auto-magically into visuals and provides you with illustrations that help your audience understand your message. Don’t worry, if the Explainer Engine has not plopped out the perfect match. You can go ahead and choose alternatives, explore our visual database, upload your own images, use text, and pimp all of those images.


All set? Well, almost… Your video needs a voiceover. If you are an experienced speaker or even a voiceover artist, great. Go ahead and record your voiceover. It will be added to your video in an instant. Not the greatest speaker? No one at hand who can lend you their voice? No problem at all. James and Paul are available to help you out. James who? Paul …? James and Paul are automated voices that are here for you to speak your text. They are really smart and most of the time will pronounce your English text pretty much perfectly. If they don’t get it right, give them a hint. Change your text just a little bit, so they can give it another try.


One final preview, all looks great, so get started and click that publish button. No worries, first we will render your video. Afterwards you can decide if you wish to share it through YouTube or download only for your own use.


mysimpleshow is a brand new product and we’d love to see you trying it out! Please feel free to send us some feedback and let us know how you like it.


Check out our blog and learn about more news, tips and tricks, and applications for your mysimpleshow explainer video. Enjoy and keep explaining!