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Learning videos for the classroom

With mysimpleshow educators and students can produce
simple educational videos in minutes.

Explainer videos raise attention
and increase involvement

Explainer videos work great as part of your blended learning strategy. Raise students' attention or inform interested learners. Give an overview or provide context, introduce topics or lessons, create powerful presentations and make learning fun again!

Explain and understand

Make mysimpleshow part of your flipped classroom concept. Have your students create 3-minute videos about a topic and make sure they get the key facts right!


"If you can't explain
it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Albert Einstein

There are so many ways to enhance learning...

Explainer videos and flipped classroom

Have your students create explainer videos as a result of research, elaboration, and creative work.

Introduce a topic to kick off your lecture

 Give an insight and explain the context before you delve into the topic. Make sure everyone understands the big picture, then deal with the details. 

Enrich your presentation with video content

As part of your blended learning concept, use short explainer videos to highlight key messages and provide for variety.  

Stir up interest and enthusiasm

A short and sympathetic video can help to raise attention and awake interest for almost any topic, which makes learning so much more fun.

Promote creativity with an explainer video

Creating your own explainer video is easy and fun. And it trains the application of creative resources to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

E-Teaching with explainer videos

Complement your teaching with online materials. Explainer videos are a great means to structure your content, provide guidance, and give an overview.

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