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Raise attention for what's close to your heart
and create an explainer video in minutes.

Anyone can be a video maker!

Create eye-catching and fun-to-watch animated videos in the renowned paper cut-out format of mysimpleshow. Thanks to the magic of mysimpleshow's Explainer Engine, no previous experience is required, it's easy-to-use, and your video is ready in minutes.

There are so many topics worth being explained...

Spice up your blog

Enrich your blog with an explainer video that grasps your audience's attention.

Raise awareness

Create and share a short and engaging video to raise awareness for a topic that's close to your heart.

Present yourself and your achievements

Use the power of video to leave an impression with future employers or potential customers. Stand out from the crowd and highlight your key strengths and experiences. 

Entertain family and friends

Create a special video for a special occasion. Remember funny stories, compose a personal video invite, or relive wonderful memories.

Share a story with your social network

Stand out with a funny video and share stories, ideas, or opinions with your friends.  

Pass on tips and tricks

Share tips, suggestions, and advice and let others benefit from your experience. Provide useful information and demonstrate practical lifehacks.  

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